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MMC6612, Fall 2010

Online Shopping

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Here are my questions and their answers:

1. When was the first time that you made purchase online?

Try to describe the reason why you did so, and how was the experience?

Fanny: It was few years ago that I bought the textbook in US, because the price in the bookstore is more expansive. It’s comparatively cheaper purchasing textbook online and it didn’t take too long for shipping.

Karen: When I was in College, I bought jeans from clothing websites. The whole experience was smooth and fast.

Chung: I was attracted by the advertisement on the home page of Yahoo and found the clothes looked nice. The experience was okay. Though the clothes were not exactly like how they looked online, they were acceptable. And purchasing on line is really convenient.

2. Do you mostly purchase items from well known online shop, or from individual seller?

Fanny: Not specifically, I purchase items base on what I want to buy not based on brand

Karen: Prefer well-known online shops.

Chung: Prefer well-known online shops.

3. Do you check the seller’s review before you place the order?

Fanny: Never.

Karen: Yes.

Chung: No.

4. Do you have any unpleasant online purchasing experience?

Does it affect your later online purchasing behavior?


Fanny: I’ve bought something low quality, or was going to be expired. Since then I decided to purchase item mostly in a real store, unless it is really too urgent, or I won’t purchase online.

Karen: Yes. I bought a second handed coach bag from eBay but the product turned out to be very low quality. I decided to purchase products from individual seller more carefully.

Chung: No.

5. Have you ever encouraged a friend to purchase anything online?


Fanny: Yes, only for particular brand, because the mall in Gainesville doesn’t sell those.

Karen: Yes. I suggest my friend to buy text books from Amazon.

Chung: No.

6. Have you ever accept your friends’ suggestion to purchase anything online?

Was this friend a very close one or just an acquaintance?

Fanny: The close ones. Because good friends know me better than others, and they can provide proper advices for me.

Karen: Not a friend actually. It’s someone on the Internet. Maybe a blogger.

Chung: No.


According to Mutz’ article, there is certain trust developed during the online purchasing experience. I develop some questions trying to understand my friends’ purchasing behavior and how they’ve been affected by previous experiences. From the answers above, though not representative enough, but the general initial purchasing experience is “convenient”. Moreover, the low expectations do come as a result of satisfaction as Mutz said. However, my interviewees still mostly make purchase from well-known online shop instead of individual sellers. That might indicate that they yet have more faith in the online shops which have more items, and could have earned more trust. Contradictory, from the suspicious of their online shopping behavior, they don’t 100% check the sellers’ review. So, does big, well-known online store really gain more trust issue?

There is another interesting thing that base on their unpleasant purchasing experience, will not stop them from purchasing. My interviewees change their attitude towards it, one learns to be cautious, one still take advantage from its conveniences but just for some occasions. In this example, we should say that the trust certainly decrease, just like Mutz’ second experiment, “those who encounter a negative result experience online became less trusting as a result” (Mutz, p.452).

Then I find out that people talk about online shopping, face-to-face! They will share information together, giving suggestions, persuade others to purchase something online. Besides, one of my interviewee search critics from bloggers to make sure this item is worth buying. It really diminishes the boundaries between real life and virtual reality. We discuss opinions openly no matter online or face-to-face, and that’s what Mutz didn’t count in. We might influence by a friend to make purchase online, does that still belong to e-commerce? How do we define it?


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October 3, 2010 at 10:31 pm

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The freedom of speech

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I picked two popular blog post from the “Top Blogs – Politics” to discuss my comment about the CoC and the autonomy plus the 3v concepts.

1) How Much Private Property is the Government Stealing in Your State?

by Bob Ewing

He was trying to revealing the unfairness of the “civil forfeiture”, which mentioned in the article, “your property is guilty until you prove it innocent”. He then used a video clip to give blog readers a better understanding of this debate, he also picked up some statistics to exacerbate the image of the civil forfeiture. In the last, he called on every reader by the words of “Will you work with IJ to help end civil forfeiture?” Moreover, he asked reader to share the report and the video, even to email him if someone wrote something up. It’s an example shows that how the bloggers want to “control the behavior of those who visit the blog” (J.W. Maynor, p.458), though not as the CoC, in an axioms way. The article itself does not appear particular “modular” of the CoC rules, but it did make me consider of the “value” mater in this article. The author mentioned several convincing, persuasive examples to elaborate his standpoint of opposing the civil forfeiture. However, he did provide a report link to the reader but, were those examples authentic? I agree with Maynor that under the blogosphere, “the contestatory nature of the communities has the potential to self-correct through collection interaction”. The discourses os open to be examined by every one of us.

2) Greg Gutfeld: I’m raising money to build a Muslim gay bar next to the Ground Zero mosque

When issue comes to homosexual and religious, it’s political. From this article, if we took a closer look to the comment, and will find out those comments are posted at an intensive time area. The earliest post appeared at Aug.9, and the latest was Aug.12, in the beginning, people just posted reply one after another literally in a minute, and I believe it just fit to the 3Vs “velocity”. In my opinion, I consider it more like an obsession. It reminds me of the media diary I made a week ago, I just couldn’t help to check up emails several times a day, even when I was not expecting any important mail. It’s an obsession of the demand of timely respond, and I don’t quite agree with Maynor at this point. He said that “face-to-face discussion or public forums too will be face with a dictatorship of speed as information comes at participants from all angle with increasing velocity”, but I believe the specialty of the internet is “instant” itself. The way that internet acts is to provide us a speedy way to respond our opinions in the public forum, and the blog itself does recorded, checking up several responds simultaneously is possible and easy. Comparing to face-to-face discussion, it require a outstanding memory to memorize every of the reply.

P.S The reason why I choose these two blog posts, though they are posted  a month ago, they are one of  their blogs’ top ranked posts. Besides,  they are interesting topics, too.

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September 27, 2010 at 9:13 am

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Twitter experience

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It has been a totally fresh experience for me to use the Twitter, and the first impression of it is that Twitter is really hard to distinguish the time line. After I join about 26 following of my interested topics, there is a flood over my twitter’s home page, compiling several unrelated short messages and even strangers responses to those I followed. I feel evaded, no privacy and wish those face don’t shows up on my home page.

According to Grossman(2009), Twitter is ” free, highly mobile, very personal and very quick. It’s also built to spread, and fast.” I gradually understand that the UGC platform is just like an empty bulletin awaits everyone to post something on the wall and construct another meaning of discourse. In fact, Shepherd(2009) also mention that “UGC furnishes a platform for free expression, thereby increasing the diversity of viewpoints that become publicly available.” I agree with Grossman and Shepherd that the opinion freedom is the merit on Twitter but I am also confused about the series of text listed on my homepage that are so mixed and without connections. If we are allowed to talk everything, then actually there will not be a censor to verify the validity of our free speech, so who will be the gatekeeper? The broadcasting on Twitter is not only vernacular between friends and boring jokes but contains millions of open messages, implies that each one of us could be an anchor. However, how serious do people look at this issue?

I’ve follow my favorite shows, some celebrities, and opinion leaders, even Walmart Special on my Twitter. If you asked me, do I care about political issue on Twitter, I will definitely say no. I concern about Lady Gaga, Roger Federer, and Tyra Banks. Shepherd is right, Twitter is indeed a public relation tool for those celebrities to keep alive in the mass. Because people love gossip and tabloid news, and that’s exactly why I follow those celebrities and try to gain connections to them.

So, how do we explain the “Iran Protests”? In my opinion, I believe Twitter is absolutely a space for free speech and an open area for citizens to express their public opinion, or any feelings. But, once encounter with some serious event such as the Iran Protest, not everyone will take this topic seriously, nor everyone will take their tweet as an important announcement. Maybe there is a scarcely of people post solemn opinion about politics but still, how can we elaborate a meaningful discussion within 140 words? Democracy gives us spacious liberty to express, but how do we use this privilege to describe or share our life with others? By tweet a “ how about brunch” message? I don’t think so.

p.s. Here is an article compare Twitter and Plurk, if you do use Twitter and you are frustrated for the tweet time line, please check out this link.

For record, my Twitter account is @fanninchen.

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September 19, 2010 at 9:34 pm

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Media Diary 9/18 (Day 7)

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1200 watch youtube while wating lunch (45 mins)

checking emails (5 mins)

1330 skype with my friend (30 mins)

1400 log in MSN (60 mins)

1500 log in Facebook (30 mins)

figure out twitter (60 mins)

2200 watching TV while play cards with friends (3hrs)


Watching TV: 3hrs

Using internet: 170mins

Some friends came by to play cards tonight. While we were playing cards, we turned on the TV, lifetime channel. Honestly, I didn’t remember what I had I watched, but I took a peek time to time when I was waiting my friends’ turn. Then I realized, watching TV didn’t need much attention, especially entertainment program, we could watch the show from any segment and wouldn’t have any problem understand what’s going on. So, sometimes TV becomes a background, just like the radio in the old days, we don’t pay much attention to it but still let the sound fill up the room. I think the scare of being too quite might be the consequences of “urban syndrome.” It’s insecure to be quite all the time. I always turn on my itunes for doing anything, even when I take a shower! I’ve been used to immerse in a noisy surrounding all the time, so I just can’t stand the days without any sound at all. When friends come over, we turn on the TV, it can also cram into the quite time and create some casual topics for the party. However, it just one case, I still need my full attention to watch Grey’s Anatomy, and luckily, the new season is coming next week! Can’t wait!

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September 19, 2010 at 4:28 am

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Media Diary 9/17 (Day 6)

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Thank God it’s Friday!!

1030 skype with a friend in TW (30mins)

1100 log in E-learning to print course requirements, check new messages (15mins)

1130 checking email (10mins)

2100 watching TV (30 mins)

2130 SKYPE with my parents (15 mins)

2200 log in Facebook (20 mins)

check youtube links shared by friends (45 mins)

on-line shopping (45 mins)


watching TV: 30 mins

using internet: 180 mins

Comparing to my time of watching TV in Taiwan, it’s really too short! So today I decided to buy a second-hand TV and put it in my room and I will start to enhance my participation on TV! That’s a decision I made due to this diary. It really helps me to examine myself and to adjust my media usage.

Another interesting fact bring to my mind is ” how many people likes to shop online?” Do you buy something on internet just for the free shipping? Because I just did that tonight. I couldn’t help to gain my purchase items over $40 to satisfied the qualification of free shipping and earned 2 more free samples. Shopping is such enjoyment but at the same time a torture. It all begins with a quick click and a series of clicks, then usually some unnecessary items end up in my room. The impulse of shopping online is much larger than actual shopping, and I believe some of you can really echoes with me.

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September 18, 2010 at 3:05 am

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Media Diary 9/16 (Day 5)

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1100 checking email (10 mins)

1200 log in Facebook, reply messages (50 mins)

1400 log in, searching ways of returning purchased items (30 mins)

1830 SKYPE with my parents (15 mins)

2030 way back to home, listen to radio in car (10 mins)

2200 log in Facebook replying messages (15 mins)

chatting on MSN (30 mins)


Watching TV- 0 mins

Listen to the radio- 10 mins

Use internet- 150 mins

Today is my birthday, many friends left birthday wishes on my facebook, I spend a lot of time reply those messages one by one. I remembered there was time that we actually wrote cards to friends at special occasions. Then we gradually started to send e-cards, there were e-card sites can make personalized cards to your friends. Until now, we no longer write card or send cards, we left messages on facebook or connect by MSN, SKYPE as a quicker and more convenience way to deliver our best wishes. We once spent 30 mins to write a card, and sent it, but now we can convey messages in 1 mins, even shorter than 60 secs. Technology has really made life easier, but somehow I have missed the old-fashioned way of handwriting and the joy of opening an actual letter. Don’t you?

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September 16, 2010 at 11:36 pm

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Media Diary 9/15 (Day 4)

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0900 wake up

1000 rush to school

1030 checking email on ipod touch (5 mins)

1430 log in Facebook on ipod touch (20 mins)

1800 listen to the radio in car (15 mins)

1900 watch TV (30mins)

2000 log in Facebook,  replying  messages (60 mins)

checking email (15 mins)

blog posting (30 mins)

MSN+SKYPE(45 mins)

Checking yahoo news in Taiwan (15 mins)


using internet 145 mins

listen to the radio 15 mins

watching TV 30 mins

Today is a busy school day, and I found out that once I keep away from my computer, there is less time I spend on the internet. Moreover, through 4 days of diary, I realize that I check email over 3 times a day, actually, I often open a gmail tab in my browser, checking my inbox once for a couple hours. What’s so important? Am I waiting for a crucial message? Or I’m obsessed with deleting the garbage mail instantly. I believe there is a certain information panic between the young generation, or even heavy user of internet. The panic will push us to check email or log in on social network to check up on the latest news or friends’ current status. Honestly, it’s not necessary to check up email so many times a day (even on weekends), but we just can’t help it.

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