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MMC6612, Fall 2010

Media Diary 9/18 (Day 7)

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1200 watch youtube while wating lunch (45 mins)

checking emails (5 mins)

1330 skype with my friend (30 mins)

1400 log in MSN (60 mins)

1500 log in Facebook (30 mins)

figure out twitter (60 mins)

2200 watching TV while play cards with friends (3hrs)


Watching TV: 3hrs

Using internet: 170mins

Some friends came by to play cards tonight. While we were playing cards, we turned on the TV, lifetime channel. Honestly, I didn’t remember what I had I watched, but I took a peek time to time when I was waiting my friends’ turn. Then I realized, watching TV didn’t need much attention, especially entertainment program, we could watch the show from any segment and wouldn’t have any problem understand what’s going on. So, sometimes TV becomes a background, just like the radio in the old days, we don’t pay much attention to it but still let the sound fill up the room. I think the scare of being too quite might be the consequences of “urban syndrome.” It’s insecure to be quite all the time. I always turn on my itunes for doing anything, even when I take a shower! I’ve been used to immerse in a noisy surrounding all the time, so I just can’t stand the days without any sound at all. When friends come over, we turn on the TV, it can also cram into the quite time and create some casual topics for the party. However, it just one case, I still need my full attention to watch Grey’s Anatomy, and luckily, the new season is coming next week! Can’t wait!


Written by fanninchen

September 19, 2010 at 4:28 am

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  1. Ha ha, I am also looking forward to the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy!

    What you said about having the TV on but not paying attention reminded me of a class discussion a few years ago. One of the male students, who lived with two or three male roommates, told us they have the TV on all the time, but they don’t really watch it, except for sports.

    When I asked why it’s on all the time, he said:

    Because then we don’t have to talk to each other.

    Mindy McAdams

    September 19, 2010 at 12:01 pm

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