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MMC6612, Fall 2010

Media Diary 9/14 (Day 3)

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1230 checking mails from ipod touch (5mins)

1400 replying mails (30mins)

1430 listen to radio in car (10mins)

1500 log in Facebook, post a blog, post an article on bbs (90mins)

doing Human Research Tutorials online (40mins)

checking cellphone bill (15mins)

1800 watching youtube while having dinner (45mins)

2200 log in wordpress to reply others’ blog, make a new post (60mins)

2300 log in MSN to chat (60mins)


Using internet: 345 mins

listen to radio:10 mins

watching TV: 0 mins

Today I found out that only when I was in the car I listened to the radio. I believe it’s because 1) I am not familiar with the station in Gainesville, so I don’t know which station to tune into, only select randomly  2) I don’t have a radio and I don’t listen to the radio on-line or from my ipod, so there is less chances that I listen to the radio. It makes me remind of the other class’ final project “Do radio still relevant to college student?” It is really a worthwhile research project!

Then I realize I really spend a lot of time on Facebook and MSN!! I can regard this Media Diary as a retrospect of “wasting time chatting” warning. I wish I could quit them.


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September 14, 2010 at 11:52 pm

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  1. Ah, “checking cellphone bill (15mins)” — good one! I wonder whether most students have all their bills online now. (I know I do.)

    What about Internet radio (e.g. Pandora) or iPod use in your car? No? (I think some students are more into music than others.)

    Mindy McAdams

    September 15, 2010 at 9:21 am

  2. I’m just not that into radio ha! I do use ipod on the car, but I play the music in my I tunes, not radio^^


    September 15, 2010 at 12:14 pm

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