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MMC6612, Fall 2010

Media Diary 9/13 (Day 2)

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1000 wake up

1000 checking email, post media diary (30 mins)

1300 chat on MSN & Skype (60 mins)

1400 log in Facebook (continually180 mins )

1600 watching US open on web streaming (40 mins)

1930 watching US open on TV (60 mins)

2200 surf on internet, update friends blogs and writing feedbacks (150 mins)


Becuase I was sick yesterday, I was at home the whole day, and I realize I totally don’t listen to the radio. The music I listen to is the music in my itunes.

Then I realize what I care most on the internet is my friends instead of public news. Moreover, I don’t even change channels spontaneously while I watched TV!! Maybe it’s because I haven’t get a couch yet. HA!

Summary of my day:

Using internet: 460mins

Watching TV: 60mins


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September 14, 2010 at 1:35 pm

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