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MMC6612, Fall 2010

Culture Convergence of “iphone apps!”

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This week’s reading is the Convergence culture in the creative industries. I choose a different field iphone (or smart phone) application, that includes games, marketing, and advertising.

Case: Durex baby App

This video is focus on using the iphone app to simulate the experience of having a baby, in order to persuade people to use condoms. Before we start to check up the influence of the video, you might be curious of why would some advertiser come up with such idea? first of all, iphone is the most popular smart ipone in US. Secondly, the iphone apps are not only a “game” that users play when they have nothing to do, but a way of getting information (weather, news), keep in touch with friends (msn, skype), even useful tools in some special occasion (flashlight, measurement). Advertisers are really smart to develop this interesting app not only use the “fun” to intrigue users to download this app, but also grab a opportunity to increase their exposure of their brand, moreover, to enhance their reliability of their brand.

But Could it go without the user participation of this app?

According to Deuze, “the context of an increasingly participation media culture as shaping the way media work gets done in.” I belive that one we join the meaning of the message production, we seem to obtain more dominance in this communication activity. Once we are able to participate, it;s more likely that we could be persuaded. This Durex baby app campaign is very well done, it simulate all kind of baby cares, the scariest things for man, try to intimidate and convince mens to use a condom. Users participate in these experience, then purchase Durex to inactivate these “horrible” app crying out loud again in the midnight.

There are more and more apps trying to combine user experiences in a creative way, and try to compose a new media user habit into users. The producer and the consumer create meaning together between culture convergence. Here is a link of a blog discussing “How Big Is the Apple iPhone App Economy? The Answer Might Surprise You” . The author is Om Malik, the founder of GigaOM Network, where he is currently a senior writer. In the article, he’s talking about the value of the iphone app, and I believe this will support for my point that the iphone app is really influential in media participation, convergence culture, and creative industries.

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September 12, 2010 at 5:11 pm

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  1. When I saw this video before, the first thing I thought about is “is that feasible??”
    I don’t have an iphone. Everytime I and my friends pass by an Apple store, we run into it immediately, grab iphones, ipads, or i-anything and start to enjoy all kinds of apps. I think if this case is really feasible now or in future,it would be risky. On one hand it may make users feel novel and impressive. On the other hand, it may become annoying. However, it does successfully catch people’s attention and discussion. And it does make its brand point clearly.


    September 15, 2010 at 6:51 pm

  2. Do advertising on iphone in an app way, I have t say this is very brilliant. But after I watch this video,I can’t stop picturing that a man, who’s got an iphone, his girlfriend or wife asks him to use this app to practice his skill of being a dad. Isn’t it helping them to be more responsible when they have a real baby? I don’t have an iphone,but if my cell’s got this app,I probably want a baby more.


    September 17, 2010 at 12:05 am

  3. There’s a problem with this example: The Durex Baby app is not actually a real app. It’s just a TV ad for condoms. It does play on the popularity of the iPhone apps, true. But your post never makes it clear that there is no app!

    Apps themselves are just a product. However, there are people who produce free apps, and you could explore why those people want to work hard and create an app, then give it away for free. Or you could have chosen a real app that demonstrates convergence in the way the app functions.

    Mindy McAdams

    September 25, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    • I apologize that I didn’t make it clear there is no app. However, there are many great apps that also interact with viewers. Another great example of smart phone apps is the “micoach” designed by adidas.

      We can personalize our own training plans and the app is going to coach you during your work out time.Just put on an earphone, entering your account, the GPS built in the app will locates you, takes down your speed, and encourages you by the voice from the coach.

      Here is the demo of the application:

      This app does exist and I believe the convergence here is not only the use of mobile phone but especially the “personalize” part. We even can choose our favorite athlete’s voice to be our coach!


      September 26, 2010 at 2:39 am

      • The idea about apps and convergence is a good one! In your post, however, your argument is not convincing. The apps are there, and convergence is there, but the two ideas are not meshed into a clear, straightforward assertion.

        Mindy McAdams

        September 26, 2010 at 8:10 am

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