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MMC6612, Fall 2010

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Hello everyone!!!

My name is Fannin Chen. I’m a first year Master student major in Telecommunication. My hometown is Taiwan, a small island (compare to the U.S) near China. The weather is very similar to Florida but it’s more humid and rains a lot.  Because it’s the first time I come to the U.S, I blend into FL quite soon, but still wish the hotness go away soon.

My Bachelor degree was Radio and Television, which was very close to Telecommunication. I did mostly about production of movies,  documentaries, which is fun, really! Carring DV around make me feel like a writer of the world and everything could be my story. After my graduation, I’d been working as a programmer and planner in a HD TV station (ELTA TV) in Taiwan. You probably haven’t heard of it but you can check for a quick glimpse. Though you probably don’t understand any of the Chinese on the website, so let me tell you what do we do.

We are the first HD TV station in Taiwan. We provide HD world sports- such as Olympics,  world cup, MLB, NBA,  drama, self-produced recreation program to the audience. We also broadcast the program on mobile and internet also. When I was in ELTA, I was responsible for the program selection, online shopping on TV. YES!  We can use our remote control to check out a list of merchandise and make a call to purchase them! Shopping is always fun for woman, haha!

As long as I worked for almost 2 years, I found that there is never enough for me. I want to learn more, know more, and have a better understanding of my future career, which I haven’t decided yet. So here I am, in my favorite area of Telecommunication, with a great interest and related work experience in New Media, I sign up for this class. Looking forward to learn more and get to know everyone of you better!

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August 28, 2010 at 4:14 am

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  1. Hi, Fannin. It sounds like you have a lot of experience with mobile Internet, etc. Sometimes U.S. students are not aware of how much more advanced mobile is in most of the Asian countries, compared with the U.S. We are really quite slow in adopting mobile technologies (even though everyone here has a cell phone). Did you have the kind of service that lets you pay in a shop by holding your phone close to a payment device? I think that’s very cool!

    Mindy McAdams

    August 28, 2010 at 12:30 am

    • Yes we do have one! You can download the bill with the bar-code (or QR-code) on your iPhone or any smart phone, then show your phone to the cashier of a convenience store, which is everywhere in Taiwan. After the “beep!” you can pay your bill by cash or credit card. Taiwan is still working on the phone bill integrate with the small amount payment, like Japan, people can take a picture of a QR-code from a vendor machine to get a coke to drink, and pay together with a cell phone bill! That’s SUPER!!


      August 30, 2010 at 5:36 am

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